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2017: Dumping Resolutions for Actionable Goals

2017; actions and goals

If I could change one thing about myself, it would be my ability to be extremely comfortable doing absolutely nothing for hours on end. And so, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

For me, 2017 officially started today. Am I excited? Not entirely. What have I been doing? Nothing more than faffing about, I assure you. ICYMI  the couple hundred times I’ve said it before – i AM VERY LAZY. And it actually sucks. Because my mind is always working and my body just stays still, unwilling to cooperate with my brain and work to produce the awesomeness we are capable of.

This year, I’m going to strive harder to change that; even if it’s just a little bit. I’m not really one for resolutions, so here are a few things I have decided to see as goals instead.

2017 Goals

  1. Write more (creatively) – I’m not going to promise a certain number of posts weekly, or that I’ll be posting regular stories, but I am going to pick up creative writing again. My plan is to write for two hours every day, so let’s see how that goes. If I post incomplete stories here for you guys to see will that be a thing that you would like? Let me know. 
  2. Shamelessly promote myself – I do so much and I don’t make nearly enough money for any of it. I know this happens because I am too shy to talk about the stuff that I do so, we’re changing it this year. 2017 is the year that I will shamelessly talk about everything I do. After all, one does not light a candle and keep it under the table. Abi?
  3. Stop Waiting, and do more epic shit – In the spirit of shameless promoting myself, I have decided to stop putting my plans on hold while I wait for something to happen. That’s how I ended up not starting The Albimazing Box until the end of 2016. 2017 is THE year to be epic. I’m going to do everything I want to, so help me God.
  4. Pray Until Something Happens – Because nothing beats the grace of God in the life of His children. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is to lose faith, but we have learned that it is at that exact point when you feel like all is lost that you need to Praise Him louder. I don’t intend to stop.

What goals have you set for yourself this year? Would you say you’re more of a resolutions person? f so, how long do your New Year resolutions usually last? And would you consider adding taking better care of your skin to your list of goals/resolutions? Because The Albimazing Box is here for you ^_^


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