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5 Audio Apps I’m Semi Dependent On

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I’ve never really considered myself much of a music person, and now I have more than 2 audio apps on each of my phones specifically for the purpose of finding and enjoying music. I can enjoy music when I hear it, but I’ve never actively sought out music to listen to. Since I moved to Lagos and have associated more with people who are forceful –for lack of a better word – about their interest in music, I have found myself listening to music more willingly with each passing week.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]I still don’t favour a particular genre of music; I really just listen to whatever sounds good to me.[/clickandtweet] The songs on my phone have been there for about a year now, and I’m very okay listening to them over and again. Once in a while, a sweetheart sends me songs he thinks I will like and I add them to my library. Sometimes, I go out and hear a song and love it. I then go ahead to look for it. As my fondness for ‘music for the fun of it’ continues to grow, I’ve become slightly dependent on a couple of audio apps to aid me on this journey.

Audio Apps I Love


8 tracks android app - the albimazing blog

I was pained when these people decided they no longer want their app to be available in Nigeria. I don’t know what led to this decision, but it is hurtful and downright unfair. I first stumbled upon 8tracks.com when I was looking for an alternative to Spotify – because that too is not available in my country *infinite eye rolls*. Anyhu, I love 8tracks because of all the playlists put together by other people who you can listen to. It works simply searching whatever type of music/playlist/artist you’re looking for and picking from the playlists that match your search criteria. The apps don’t work on my android and windows phones anymore, but I can still listen to some playlists on the site – which I can navigate to on my mobile browser. ^_^

Shazam (Android)

great audio apps - the albimazing blog

I’m pretty sure everybody knows this app. I just wouldn’t have felt right not including it considering how much happiness it has brought me. You know what I’m talking about. Shazam saves me the stress of having to wonder what song is playing when I hear it randomly at a party or event. For that, I will forever be grateful. It’s also awesome that the lyrics start where it identifies the song you search so you can sing along right away!

[clickandtweet handle=”@_thecxcx” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”card” position=””]Why am I semi-dependent on audio apps for a music fix? Because they take away the stress of deciding what song/artist I want to listen to.[/clickandtweet]

SoundHound (Windows)

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If you use an android phone, I don’t think I have to explain to you how annoying it can be when it just decides to freeze/hang in the middle of something important. When I got tired of my Shazam app crashing on me when I needed it, I decided to try something else on my Nokia Lumia. SoundHound works pretty much the same way Shazam des, and the only difference is it can actually recognise a sing you sing or hum “properly”. Interface is also pretty simple – as I’ve noticed is a trend with most apps in the Windows store.

Digitally Imported

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This is more a less a radio app. However, the stations are categorised according to music genres, most of which are some deviation of house/techno music. Like, 8Tracks, this is also a streaming app and you will need strong data connection to truly enjoy it. I promise it’s totally worth it. I never considered myself to be into trance or techno, but there are some stations on it I can totally vibe to like the Liquid Trap and Indie Beats stations. I also love the idea behind the station which, as it was explained to me, is people playing music simply because they love it. It’s a great way to find new songs to enjoy.

Podcasts (Windows)/Podcast Addict (Android)

For a while, I really got into podcasts. Like, I would listen to The Read on the bus, strolling down the road, wherever. People would give me questioning glances as I laughed out loud to something Crissle and KidFury said. As I started to get more into music, I decided to do a search on music podcasts. Currently, I love All Songs Considered. I don’t love every song they play, but most stick and I end up downloading them. Another great music podcast is Switched on Pop.

Between these audio apps, I get a healthy fix of music. There’s also the native radio app on my phone, although I didn’t list it. Currently, I spend my listening time shuffling between 98.5 and 96.5. Those people really get me. I cannot emphasize enough how I do not want to hear people talking unnecessarily on the radio. Oga, just play the music and go.

How much do you love/listen to music? What apps do you rely on to give you your fix of the good good when you need it?



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