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5 Things I Realised This Week

Firstly, welcome to May, yo! Second quarter of the year is almost up, and no one is more excited about this month than I am. But that’s besides the point. I’ve had a pretty interesting week. So interesting in fact, that the days just kind of flew bye and I found myself lying in bed last night thinking “My gosh, tomorrow is Saturday.”. I mean, where does the time go? I had so much to do and, while I didn’t quite get everything done, I’m proud to say I achieved a considerable amount of success.

Now, in the process of having a great week and not realising time was flying, I also somehow found myself coming into the realisation of some things I may have previously overlooked and/or underestimated. It was like an epiphany.; one of those moments that just make you go

oh face


But in your head, of course. Because making this face in public is silly.

  1. The first thing I realised this week is that I hate my hair. Yeah, that’s right. I hate it. I had to take out really awesome twists I had on for a project I was working on with someone who will probably come up sometime in the near future, and I realised my hair is stress. Yeah, it’s pretty and amazing to  look at, but I am actually just really  tired of having it on my head. It’s not helping that the zip braids cut my hair and now I feel like I’m shedding.
  2. When people invite you to a thing and you’re on time, it make them really happy. I was uber glad to meet people this week who have just as much respect for punctuality as I do. The whole ‘African Time’ thing is stupid to be honest, and it irritates my bones when people laugh off being late and say that stupid phrase. It’s not that hard to be on time, people.
  3. Is it just me or do people often seem to be looking to blame someone else for their flaws? Like, how can you look at  person with a straight face and say I’m doing this to you because you do it to other people? Are you master Jesus or baba God? Even if you want to say “an eye for an eye”,is it your eye?! I’m not even going front like accepting our flaws is easy, but i’d much rather you be stingy or mean or lazy and own it, than try to make it seem like you’re not and someone is making you act the way you are.
  4. Usually I don’t  fancy the idea of going out alone, but I tried it this week and it wasn’t disastrous. I used to think like people who go out to places by themselves are depressed or lonely or just sad. But this week I realised sometimes going out with someone can really hold you back (especially if you take a self-absorbed killjoy like I did). I went to a private concert by myself, and it was amazing! I enjoyed the music without anyone rushing me or whispering complaints, and I got to socialize! 😀 – 4b – Speaking of socializing, it turns out I haven’t quite overcome my shyness. I don’t need to countdown in my head anymore, but it still takes a lot of strength to walk over to someone and say “hi” and then I jut stand  there and smile until everyone is creeped out.
  5. Probably the most important thing I realised this week, is a new-found respect for models. My gosh. It’s not easy at all. See me thinking all they do is stand/sit/whatever and take pictures, only to realise there’s so much more that goes into even a single shot. Big ups to those of you who this for a living,mhen.

All-in-all, it was a great week and an awesome end to a long month,As always, I take my lessons and I try to learn from them.  We’re hoping May  has a lot more fun surprises for all of us!

Peace, Love & Ribena


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