Meet Coco!

In addition to being the founder of this wonderful blog, Coco Anetor-Sokei is a creative who feels extremely uncomfortable referring to herself in the third person. She used to be a (bad ass) writer; not so much now. Most of her days are spent refining plans for world domination doing absolutely nothing extraordinary. She does however find herself wondering what she’s doing “here” from time to time.

Coco is neither a fashion writer, nor a stylist, nor a person who claims to be fashion-conscious. She knows almost nothing about make-up, but is somehow slightly obsessed with lipstick. Even though she has natural hair, she is completely oblivious about the ways of the naturalistas. Coco may have a gym membership, but she also may not recall where the gym is. She enjoys listening to good music, but hates being asked what good music is. She loves Ribena, and chocolate cake, and often thinks in cartoon motion.

About The Albimazing Blog

The Albimazing Blog is a place where Coco comes to share the thoughts she cannot keep in her head, and, in essence, her journey to “happy”. It is organized chaos at its finest as Coco has the time of her life trying to capture the best, and sometimes the worst, aspects of being an amazing Nigerian albino.

The best thing about The Albimazing Blog is that it has been through so many transformations and face lifts and is truly a representation of Coco’s inner self. The blog is a documentation of a journey to self-fulfillment.

What I Write About on TAB

Personal Style

Food, Drinks & Snackables

Awesome Places to Chill Out

My Amazing Daughter

Random Thoughts and Musings


Amazing People

I also do some fiction and writing ^_^

If you ever want to talk or collaborate on anything, you can always reach me at hello[at]albimazing[dot]com




This has to be the best about page I have ever read LOL!

Hi Coco!



The Coco

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Lovely Blog you’ve got!


The Coco

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