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After Sun Lotion from Fruit of the Earth (A Review)

fruit of the earth sun burn lotion

As awesome as my New Year shoot was, it left me with a terrible sun burn. The sun in Abuja was definitely not smiling that day. It was painful and uncomfortable and had me glowing like a blushing tomato. But it all felt worth it because the pictures came out amazing. I did however require an after sun lotion to soothe my burns.

I haven’t had a sun burn in a while because I try to be extra careful. People keep telling me to never go out without an umbrella, but ain’t nobody really got time for that. Tried it for a while, but that didn’t last. Could the fact that I was bus hopping have had something to do with it? I guess we’ll never know for certain.

Anyhu –

I remembered a while ago my mum got me a bottle of Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel that worked wonders for me. I’d rub it every day after I got in from school and I hardly ever got red or burned. So, I set out looking for it to solve the present burn. Of course, I couldn’t find it. Because that is the type of luck I had. So, home I stayed, writhing in pain and consoling myself with the great comments I was getting off my New Year pictures. That is, of course, until my brother sent me a message on WhatsApp one evening when he and my mum went out.

found the after sun lotion

So, I got my lotion! Whoop!

fruit of the earth after sun lotion

Three Weeks After Using Fruit of the Earth’s Aloe Vera After Sun Lotion

I’ve been using this for three weeks now – almost a month, actually – and I honestly don’t really know how I feel about it. It was sooooo great the first time I rubbed it on the burns, and I felt the pain start to fade away immediately. But there really hasn’t been much else in terms of sun burn relief.

When I get sunburned, my face and neck are never as much of a problem as my arms because my face always clears up fester and my neck is always red anyway. So, I always intensify application of remedies on my arms. One could say I get slightly obsessed about it. I just get really uncomfortable when my arms are sun burned.

Maybe it’s just me, but I expected my skin color to return to its smooth, delicious cream color not long after using the cream. I know it’s not magic, but my skin is still a bit reddish. They said use liberally; I did. I even used it several times a day, making sure to not rough handle the sore spots. The burns are pinkish now, but I would rather they weren’t there at all.

liberal amount of after sun lotion

Is Diz Not Liberal?

The lotion also promises to prevent peeling – they lied. If you’ve experienced sun burns, then you know the peeling comes soon after the itch. When this first happened to me, I freaked out so much. But, over the years, I’ve come to enjoy peeling dead skin of my body. I guess the lotion prevented the itching, because I skipped that step and hopped right into waking up to find little rolls of dead skin on my shoulders. I assure you it’s not as gross as you’re imagining it to be.

Overall, I would give this lotion props for pain relief, moisturizing, and nothing else. If you’re looking for a miracle lotion to get your complexion back after getting burned, this isn’t the one. I totally recommend getting the gel though – just for general every day use. Don’t know why my brother didn’t just get it for me at once.

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