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Albimazing Top 5 – 05.03.16

On this week’s Albimazing Top 5, there’s something for everyone ^_^

The Read

Deola introduced me to The Read last year and I can’t gt enough of it. I’ve since downloaded a podcast app and dedicated my life to listening to every single episode ever published. Crissle and KidFury give me life. I cannot tell you how many times people on the bus or on the road have thrown me dirty looks because I just bust out laughing. The amount of shade on the show is enough to feed me and possibly two generations after me. I also love it because it keeps me updated on pop culture and stuff – which I otherwise probably wouldn’t bother checking up on.

albimazing top 5 the read

Radr Online’s Valentine Issue

I already mentioned that a project I worked on was featured in an online magazine. I’m still gushing about it – because I love to celebrate the little victories. However, that’s not the only reason why RADR’s valentine issue made the albimazing top 5 this week. I was totally inspire by a lot of the stuff on there. I love how Nigerian creatives are doing a lot more with their work nowadays. Being a photography nut, I was completely here for the brilliant editorials.

albimazing top 5 radr online

Onome Akinlolu Majaro Foundation

I first stumbled upon the oam foundation’s instagram account when i was jumping from one account to the other – as i do from time to time. The page alone is enough to have made the albimazing top 5 by itself. I have never seen so many beautiful nigerian albinos at once. There are a bunch of albino appreciation pages on instagram, but none are nigerian. After looking through some pictures, i finally checked out their website. I think what they are trying to do is brilliant. Most nigerians need to be forced out of ignorance concerning albinism.

oam foundation albimazing top 5

Wale Davies’ Playlist on Nik-Nak

I am a huge Show Dem Camp fan. I’m not even ashamed to say I would groupie for them if I didn’t have to be a responsible mother/adult. So, of course Wale Davies’ playlist makes the albimazing top 5. Especially as I happened to find it on one of my absolute favorite sites. I love this playlist because it has a mostly chill vibe; even though the songs are pulled from different genres. I like to listen to it and pretend I understand the mindset of the lyrical genius that is Wale Davies.

Work Style Accessory Dupes on The Alaroro

This accessory dupes post completely gets me. I love pretty things, but we can’t really afford the prettiest things we lust for right now. However, not being able to affors something doesn’t necessarily mean you should give up on owning it. This is one of those times when it’s perfectly okay to fake it until you make it. Already got my Haute Signature Glasses on deck (whoop!). Next on my list, a chic briefcase my ridiculously giant laptop.

alaroro dupes albimazing top 5

This week, I leave you with a list of videos I put together. These videos explain sexual content in pretty easy terms. I was inspired to compile the list when Nigerian twitter was arguing about rape yet again yesterday.

Until next week…


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