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Albimazing Top 5 – 10.11.17

the albimazing top 5 christmas wishlist

I’m back with my top 5 lists just in time for christmas shopping season! If you think I’m going to take advantage of this blog just to let you guys know exactly what is on my christmas wishlist, you are 100% right.

Y’all already know I’m a lippie person, so it should come as no surprise that the first thing on my christmas wishlist is one (or all) of the lipsticks from the Fenty Beauty holiday collection. I particularly love the shade sci-fly and can’t wait to take way too many pictures with it (while simultaneously blinding the hearts of men). If you’re in the mood, you can also get me foundation. I feel like my shade is either 100, 110, or 120 so I’m hoping three different people will buy me one of each so I can find out for sure ^_^

christmas wishlist item 1 - fenty beauty star lit lipstick

After years of begging, I have realized (much to my dismay) that no one will just buy me an iPhone just like that. So, I’m changing my strategy. This year, I want a Google Pixel. Have you seen how sleek that phone looks?!?!?!? And th camera quality…sigh. I would prefer a kinda blue Pixel 2, but I won’t be mad if you just get me the first one.

christmas wishlist item 2

image source – androidcentral

After seeing Cassie flaunting her new camera everywhere and reading her blog post, I now have camera envy. I’ve window shopped around the interwebs and decided I want this Nikon. Yes, I have two gadgets on my wishlist – bite me. I no longer own a camera (long but kind of short story) and I would very much like one as I enter the new year. The Nikon 1 J5 seems like a good entry-level mirrorless, and is pretty affordable (as far as good cameras go). Let Gd use you to bless my life.

christmas wishlist item 3

I have no proper footwear. Haven’t you wondered why there haven’t really been any full pictures of me on instagram? I wear bathroom slippers everywhere. Whether the devil likes it or yes, I’m getting myself at least two new pairs of plimsolls this christmas. I’ve been hanging around the ASOS sales section just waiting for the right moment to pounce.

I’ll tell you right now – the very last thing on my christmas wishlist is very selfish. So, I own a stationery business that I don’t really ever talk about because I am unserious. I very recently created a gratitude journal that also serves as a monthly planner. The gratitude journal allows you plan your days, as well as take stock of every day and appreciate the little things you might miss and all it costs is N4,000 (excluding shipping). What I want for christmas is for everyone to buy one; not just because I’m the one selling it, but also because it will make your year about 100x better. ‘ve tweeted about it a bunch, and also posted about it on instagram. I’m currently taking pre-orders, so hit me up If you’d like one.

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That’s it for the first part of my christmas wishlist! Have you been good this year? What’s on your list this year? Will you be writing Santa a letter or just pestering someone until they give in and get you something close to what you want? What are some of the gifts you will be giving this year? 





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