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renting a room in Lagos - lessons learned
Rants & Bants,

Lessons from Renting A Room in Lagos

Took me a while – about 5 months, to be exact – but I’m finally getting comfortable

print play opening
Style & Stuff,

SS | Print Play

Your girl is back like she only left a few minutes ago, even though it’s actually been

prioritizing events
Rants & Bants,

Lessons In Prioritizing – How I Decide What Events to Attend

Scientists promised us a lot of technological advancements by now, but here we are still unable to

the albimazing top 5 christmas wishlist
Albimazing Top 5,

Albimazing Top 5 – 10.11.17

I’m back with my top 5 lists just in time for christmas shopping season! If you think

speaking at the Shea Moisture Nigeria Master Class
Events, Lifestyle,

3 Reasons Why Speaking at the Shea Moisture Nigeria Masterclass Rocked

haha! Look at me looking like a badass. I honestly thought the mic was going to fall

Yay, Stories!,



The alarms rang incessantly, as the lights within the carrier flashed green and red and

perfectionism is a myth
Rants & Bants,

Getting Over A Mild Case of Perfectionism

Sometimes, I leave a post on ‘draft’ simply because I can’t find the right feature image.

the new year acceptance speech
Rants & Bants,

This Is My New Year Acceptance Speech

First of all I’d like to thank God, and then Jesus!

Lessons from Vlisco's session on being the change
Out and About, Rants & Bants,

Vlisco Interactive Sessions – Being The Change

Vlisco Nigeria thought up the perfect way to round up Women’s Month. What better way to close

nigerian makeup brands don't cater to albinos
Rants & Bants,

Nigerian Makeup Brands Are Dulling, FYI

As I continuously try and fail and try again with this makeup thing, I ask myself one

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