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[MILD SPOILERS] My Most Favorite Moments From Avengers 2

OMFG, Age of Ultron was amazeballs!!!! Like, I literally couldn’t wait to get home and write all my excitement down because, knowing me, I’ll probably just keep thinking about how awesome the movie was and never actually talk about it and time will pass and the film will be stale.  I’m not going to give much spoilers (LOL), but you should still probably stop reading if you haven’t seen it because you probably won’t get it anyway.

I was a bit hesitant to see this movie so soon after its realize because of all the hype about the release. A part of me had come to feel like it wouldn’t live up to the world’s expectations, and I am pleased to write that it did. I do not regret going to see Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, even though the tickets were overpriced, and here’s why –

A huge part of what makes a movie enjoyable for me is the dialogue, and Age of Ultron brought IT. The entire movie was laced with witty dry humor, and pretty fast paced and I loved every second of it. Yeah, yeah, all the action and whatever was fun too, but you already know that.  There were the necessary cheesy moments, hulk versus Iron Man, a very interesting surprise (I told you no spoilers), and hot guys to keep me distracted during the boring/slow parts.

My favorite scenes –

Lifting Mjölnir

Without giving too much away, no one can lift Mjölnir and Tony starts to do his whole oversabi thing and Thor goes “Those are all interesting theories, but I have a simpler one.” And then he lifts Mjölnir “You are all not worthy.”.

like a boss


The Evil Plan

So, the team comes to stop Ultron from stealing essential materials for his diabolical plan and Tony, of course, has to ask “What are you going to do with all that?”. Baba Ultron was just like “I’m glad you asked that, because I wanted to take this time to explain my evil plan.” And then just messes these guys up.

Captain Motivation

Possibly the most motivational speech ever given in any movie I can remember where any sort of motivation was required at all is Captain America (who is apparently the leader of the Avengers) telling his team “You get hurt, hurt ‘em back. You get killed, walk it off.”. Like, RAAAAHHH!!! I’m probably going to get someone to design a really good poster for me with this phrase and just have it hanging on my bedroom wall.

Haha! Touché!!

So, vision and Ultron are having a heartwarming conversation about humans are flawed and doomed and the fate of the planet earth, and Ultron goes “You’re incredibly naïve.” And Vision replies “Well, I was born yesterday.” which is brilliant because he scores one for those of us who never really think of a perfect comeback until years later.


This very brief moment makes the list because I almost pissed myself. Strucker gives his henchmen a speech about how they are to defend the scepter thingy from the avengers and to not surrender at any cost and he doesn’t even wait until they are fully out the door before he turns around and tells his main boy “I’m going to surrender.” Dude was just like

that life


There are many more brilliant scenes, but I’m trying so hard not to give away too much already and I’m afraid I’ll let something slip if I go on. This movie is IT for me this year (until Pitch Perfect 2, of course).  I couldn’t even stand up to go pee during the slow parts because I thought I’d miss something. That is how great this movie was for me. So, when you finally see this totally awesome movie, feel free to come back and comment your own favorite scene.


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