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best lip balms I've used

Have you ever heard of such a thing as having too many lip balms? Because I definitely haven”t.

December/January is usually my favorite time of the year. Not just because of the holiday, but because that’s when Lady Harmattan comes around. Yes, I love harmattan like they say a fat kid loves cake. Because while it leaves most people looking ashy, my skin really just flourishes. Sadly, harmattan has been using us to play tinko tinko this year.

On the plus side, I have been able to keep my skin super smooth and very clear thanks to the products in the last albimazing box. The best part is, I have managed to fight chapped lips with the help of possibly some of the best lip balms I have ever come across.

Shalla to the Lip Balms that Keep My Lips Yum

Ebony & Indigo Lip Balm

Ebony & Indigo‘s Sweet Mint Lip Balm not only keeps my lips deliciously soft and smooth, it makes them a little bit tasty as well. No, I’m not eating my lip balm. Lol. The balm feels kind of tingly when I put it on, like when you use a plumping lipstick or gloss. Sometimes, I just dip my lips in the case and swirl it around instead of using my fingers.  Their packaging is also very adorable. Hadi Naturals

The Hadi Naturals lip balm is great because it does what lip balms are supposed to. You really just need one swipe of it on each lip, doesn’t give me that uncomfortable feeling like I have oil on my lips, and it stays on for the longest time; keeping my lips crack-free. Seems really basic, but it’s important to appreciate the little things. MAYBELLINE

I love Maybelline‘s Baby Lips Balm because it’s also a lip tint. Mine is in the shad Peachy Kiss, and it’s the perfect nude shade. So, on days when I want to use a balm and I also want a little color, I reach for this. Oh! It a little bit glittery too! Almost forgot. Lol. Although, I do wish it stayed on a bit longer than it does. It seems to dry out after a while, and I have to remind myself to reapply. Zee Eight 12

Firstly, isn’t Zee Eight 12 a very interesting name for a skin care brand? A very persuasive sales girl convinced me to get this at the Natural Hair and Beauty Show and I don’t regret it. It has a very sweet smell and sometimes I just bring it out and sniff it. I used it for a bit when I couldn’t find my Ebony & Indigo balm, and it was a pretty good substitute.

Lowkey, I noticed lip balms are slowly replacing lipsticks in my purse. Lol. Still not sure how that makes me feel. Have you used any of these products before? How do you keep your lips soft and chap-free? I’d like to know.

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