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Beauty In Minimalism

Graphic design is one of the limited number of things that give me little pleasure when I’m having a not so swell day. I love to look at designs and just spend hours scrolling through people’s portfolios and getting inspired by stuff they’ve done and basking in the glow of creativity, hoping I too become that great one day.

If you know me, it’s no secret that I’m easily distracted by colours and flashing lights, but I cannot deny that my love for minimalist design is profound. Like it’s great to see really flashy posters and images and stuff, but there’s just something amazing about simplicity. I love when something looks like it only took like thirty minutes to achieve even though it might have involved at least one sleepless night. That’s how I define minimalism – simple beauty. It’s like life; not every time complex and over creative, sometimes relax and appreciate the little things.

Like I said, I often spend time browsing through Pinterest and the like admiring great work and Nigerian graphic designers are really doing some great stuff. I’ve stumbled upon some people’s work on twitter and facebook and the like and just been mind- blown.  I’d like to share some of my favourite minimalist designs from Nigerian graphic artists/designers.

Anny Roberts – Aniespixels

I love these ones because i) some people are usually so scared to leave so much white space, and ii) people think minimalist design = black and white. But the great thing about white space in minimalism is that it allows you focus on the core message of the piece. One object to convey the message, accompanied by sweet typography – Simple, brilliant, Effective.

Anny Robert Anny Robert 3 Anny Robert 2 Anny Robert 1

Sochi Azuh – Aki Brand Consultancy

As someone considering rebranding, I’m always checking out branding packs for inspiration. The right typography can really make a difference and you might not even need an actual object to be part of the logo.


BonPlaisir - Sochi Azuh


Carnations - Sochi Azuh


Olumide Maborukoje

Olumide isn’t a graphic designer by profession, but he does dabble from time to time. These are covers for some music he has coming out and I love them because ‘white space doesn’t necessarily have to be “white”‘.


tomboxe 3

tomboxe 2

tomboxe 1
Don’t you feel inspired already just looking at these? I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more out there that I missed, so help me out. If you know any minimalist design(er)s that should be here, drop a link or name so I can look them up.

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