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BLACK Is Here – Share Your BLACK Story

BLACK Campaign
black campaign
Earlier today, I shared my #BLACK story on my Instagram feed.

What is #BLACK? For a long time, I struggled with a little bit of identity crisis. How can I be black when everyone else is so quick to identify me with “oyibo”? People would say things like “you would have been fine if you were black”, and I wanted to be black so bad. So much so, I considered using a couple of creams and soaps I had heard about. And then I wanted to be white – for the people who thought there really isn’t any difference between me and a white person. I dyed my hair to look more like them. Polished up my accent. Western culture was all I could live and breathe. It took me a while to realise that black is more than what colour your skin is. It is my culture, my blood. My black is being comfortable in the fact that I am simply a different shade. Accepting that we cannot all be the same and daring to be different. I am not an albinism activist (yet), or a melanin warrior. I am just a young woman living happily in my own skin. [I nominate the tagged people to share their #BLACK story as well] @officialhouseofzeta #BLACK

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Moving, right? Yeah, I know.

So, what is #BLACK?

The BLACK concept was thought of by House Of ZETA model Denyefar Clement, to address the ups and downs of her journey as a model. All the issues she endured, setbacks and rejections only served to make her stronger and she decided to share her story. For this campaign, the word BLACK is used in a controversial text to tell the story that underlies who we are, personalities, flaws, weaknesses, culture, religion, drive etc.

BLACK – “the journey to self love and acceptance”

I support this campaign because it’s all about embracing who you are – being different makes you unique. Most importantly, BLACK is about creating awareness and inspiring other people. You being comfortable and confident in who you are might be the push someone else needs to start their own journey to self-discovery.

Share your BLACK story

Your BLACK story is the story of how you overcame difficulties, pushed through difficult times, worked through insecurities, handled difficult situations, accepted your flaws, and loved your scars because you became better for it,
Here’s how:
  • Take a picture of yourself holding a cardboard or paper with the #BLACK hashtag written on it
  • Upload this picture to Instagram, and write your story as your caption
  • Tag @officialhouseofzeta and use the hashtag #BLACK
  • You may also nominate people you believe have amazing stories to share to share their story as well.

The BLACK campaign is supported by:  Guardian Life, The Naked Convos, Omoge Mura, Sharon Ojong, Audio Inferno, and What’s The Fuzz. If you have any questions, send an email to info@houseofzeta,org or visit their website.

I, personally, am looking forward to reading all the incredible stories I expect people to share.


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