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Blot Beauty Review x First Impressions

BLOT Beauty Review

Remember when I did the #30Lippiesfor30Days Challenge? That was great right? And the giveaway at the end of it was even greater! Thanks again to everyone who entered, and big congrats to the winners. Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without Prestige Cosmetics and BLOT Beauty, so a HUGE thanks to them as well!

During the challenge, I got an awesome package from BLOT Beauty. When I reached out to them to collaborate on the giveaway, I wasn’t even sure I would hear back. These lovely people went above and beyond and sent me not only lipsticks for the giveaway, but other goodies as well!

My box, which I love, contained four long-lasting glosses, a long-lasting gel liner (which comes with two brushes), and a lifting mascara.

BLOT Beauty First Impressions

The first thing I absolutely love about BLOT Beauty products is the packaging. The mix of pink and black on the cartons gets me, and the bottling of the each product is very sleek. Needless to say, I was eager to try the lipsticks first.

BLOT Beauty Luxe Lips Long Lasting Lip Glosses – N5000 (each)

I got four long-lasting lip glosses from BLOT Beauty in the shades Boy Bye, Moonshine, Lucid and Clique. Trust me, these people aren’t playing when they say their lip gloss is long-lasting. It stays on forever, ladies. And it’s a very comfortable matte. It applies very smoothly, and doesn’t dry too fast on application, so you can take your time and get it right. And when it dries, it’s like it’s barely there.

I had to take the pictures in different lighting because of the colours Boy Bye and Moonshine. They’re both so similar, and it’s easy to think they’re the same thing. Both colours are a brick brown, but Moonshine is more pink-toned while Boy Bye is a more reddish-brown.  My favorite is Moonshine (which I’m wearing below), followed closely by Clique.

BLOT Beauty Lip Gloss in Moonshine

BLOT Beauty Long Lasting Gel Liner – N2500

By now, you already know lippies are more my thing. However, I was still excited to get this beautiful pot og gel liner. I’d been saying I was going to start learning how to do my eyebrows, and receiving this was like a prod of encouragement.

I’ve used this one, and I actually really like it. The brushes it came with are pretty cool too. Someone said it’s too dark for me, but I kinda don’t care.  Currently working on upping my eyebrow game so I can use it more.

BLOT Beauty Lifting Mascara – N2000

This I haven’t used yet, but it looks pretty good. The brush looks like it’ll do a great job of adding volume to my lashes. And even though my lashes are pretty full already, I’m a little eager to try it.

I actually can’t wait to start doing full faces of makeup so I get to use this beauty.

You can buy these products at any Gifty’s Daugther store, or online. Have you used any of their products at all? What did you think? If you haven’t let me know if you think you’d be interested in using them.






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