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i actually hate tinder
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Why I Hate Tinder

Ii hate Tinder. When it was all the rage last year, I made a conscious effort not

reflective highlights of February
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February: Reflective Highlights

February was an off month. I spent so much time thinking about doing things, I never really

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Albimazing Top 5 – 19.02.16

I almost lived on twitter this past week, so a good number of my favorites you’ll be

fruit of the earth sun burn lotion
Rants & Bants,

After Sun Lotion from Fruit of the Earth (A Review)

As awesome as my New Year shoot was, it left me with a terrible sun burn. The

Rants & Bants,

Albimazing Top 5 – 15.01.16

While spending so much time on the internet makes me cry about data more than anyone should,

fifty the movie highlights
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Fifty the Movie: My 5 Favorite Scenes

Fifty the Movie

I Hour 41 mins (approx.)
Directed By: Biyi Bandele
Rating: 4/5
Over the holiday, my family and I

this is the new year
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This Is The New Year

We made it to a brand new year, guys! I’m bursting with joy! Can you tell it’s

secret santa
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Join Our Twitter Secret Santa

So, Christmas is upon us once again! It’s been an awesome year and I can’t wait for

Rants & Bants,

Beauty In Minimalism

Graphic design is one of the limited number of things that give me little pleasure when I’m

Rants & Bants,

Cee In The Big City

When we last left our hero, she had just completed her degree in Journalism and was contemplating

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