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Yay, Stories!

  • Yay, Stories!

    #np – Beneath

    The ballroom is decked in blue and gold garlands. Thick velvet blue curtains are parted by gold holders to let…

  • Yay, Stories!


    I kind of sort of stumbled upon this while going through some of my old stuff. Started writing this early…

  • Yay, Stories!

    4: Ogamma

    PROMPT: Write about dancing. *************** I watched her hips move freely, seemingly unhinged from her waist. The amber glow of the…

  • Yay, Stories!

    For My Friend

    I smile much more than I used to I think it’s because of you Being me is definitely easier to…

  • Yay, Stories!

    Her Window

    They say the eyes are a window to the soul. I’ve never really understood that. Sure, you can probably get…