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Yay, Stories!

Yay, Stories!,



The alarms rang incessantly, as the lights within the carrier flashed green and red and

Yay, Stories!,

#np – Beneath

The ballroom is decked in blue and gold garlands. Thick velvet blue curtains are parted by gold

Yay, Stories!,

One Chance

No sleeping on moving bike

Rants & Bants, Yay, Stories!,

Stop It, I Like It

His soft hands brush the skin just beneath the hem of my dress and send several electric

Yay, Stories!,


I kind of sort of stumbled upon this while going through some of my old stuff. Started

Yay, Stories!,

4: Ogamma

PROMPT: Write about dancing.
I watched her hips move freely, seemingly unhinged from her waist. The amber glow of

Yay, Stories!,

Daddy’s Girl – II

Rays of sunlight streamed into the room through holes in the worn out curtain. I focused my

Yay, Stories!,

For My Friend

I smile much more than I used to
I think it’s because of you
Being me is definitely easier

Yay, Stories!,

Her Window

They say the eyes are a window to the soul. I’ve never really understood that. Sure, you

Proetry, Yay, Stories!,

Don’t Judge Me

I’d rather you hit me instead of hurling those hurtful words.
Calling me a disgrace or a fool

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