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Cee In The Big City

When we last left our hero, she had just completed her degree in Journalism and was contemplating her next move in life. It can be difficult trying to adult – finding a job, finding another job that pays well, making decisions, and such – but with the right ideas and the best possible people, you should eventually find your way.

Right now, life has taken me to Las Gidi, where I got a job as a content editor (yaaay!). The move here has been quite dramatic in its own right, and very much blog worthy. Seeing as I came to the interview in the guise of attending a wedding, I had to return home to inform my mother I would be moving in less than a week. I was not looking forward to it, to say the least. Didn’t stop me from sharing this excellent news with anyone who would care to listen though!

The news of my new job brought with it much appraisal and even more helpful advice –

From Strangers on the Bus:

These people were particular excited about my new job. So much so that they took my number and one man even asked me to “introduce” him. Like they made a really big deal out of it and told me not to belittle it. Usually, I ignore people on the bus when I’m embarking on a road trip, but I’m glad I talked to these people. They were very supportive and encouraged me to continue to improve myself and my skills – take course, look for greater opportunities, that sort of thing. It was cool.

From Colleagues at Work

Of course, everyone at the school was enthusiastic about this wonderful new opportunity. They all had kind words to say and would all miss me. As much as I would miss certain privileges being a staff came with, I’ll miss other things like eavesdropping on gist and the snacks from the shop. The most common advice was “You’re going to Lagos oh! It’s not the same way you act here you will act there.” Which I promptly dismissed in my head because I can do whatever I want ^_^

From Family

My brother and uncle were both very supportive about my new job. I mean, it’s a great job. My uncle was displeased about the short notice, but wished me well and advised me not to forget to serve. Speaking of which, this service thing seems to have become a really big deal to people all of a sudden. Whatapun? My brother kept reminding me how I’m coming to Lagos to be a “big girl” which was endearing and slightly annoying because I know one does not simply become a big girl in Lagos.

There was slight drama with my mum, which was to be expected, but at the end of the day, we both want what’s best for me and we were able to land on the same page. I humbly took the “don’t go to Lagos and be chasing man” speech as well as the “I bet not be seeing you up and down Lagos speech”.

And now, we’re here and our adventure is just beginning. I’ve made some adjustments to previously made plans, but I believe everything will work out for the best. The job is going to be something I love doing, and the people i work with are great (seemingly). At least, I already know everyone in Lagos is mad. It’s time the city got one sane person. Btw, did you know your girl is on the landing page of a website?


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