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Cheap Thrills a.k.a Balling On A Budget

CCheap Thrills aka Balling on a Budget - The Albimazing Blog

So, Henry and I are doing this thing where we shoot each other every week. It’s pretty cool for a number of reasons, the biggest of which is we are both living on a very tight budget.

Cheap Thrills -The Albimazing Blog

Somehow, we’ve both gotten to a point where we’ve let our lack of sufficient income affect our creativity And it’s easy for that to happen. You want to do a style post and you think about how you have to pay a photographer and possibly get one new thing to add to the outfit. By the time you’re done calculating expenses and compare it to your budget, you’re just like “Nah.”. And so, that kept us down for a while.

Cheap Thrills -The Albimazing Blog

One day, after we started at our new office, Henry suggested I brig my camera and shoot him for a style post. I was like cool. Because Henry actually takes really awesome pictures, I also thought it would be cool if he took pictures of me in return. And we did it. nd it was fine. Well, his was. My camera seems to only work in my hands so my own pictures from that day need some editing magic. But it worked, and we decided to make it a thing. Tight budget or nah, we will be shooting each other for our respective blogs each week.

Cheap Thrills -The Albimazing Blog

Which brings me to the issue of styling on a budget

I like to define my personal style as ‘casual’. I cannot stress enough how much I love comfortable clothes. Give me a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, and I’m good to go. Throw in a pair of sneakers or boots? Even better. Thing is I now own like three pairs of jeans; and one isn’t even my size anymore. I’m nervous about doing a style post every week because there are only so many style posts you can do with jeans and a t-shirt. But I’m also excited because I’ve decided to accept this as a challenge.

Cheap Thrills -The Albimazing Blog

Doing a style post every week is giving me the chance to be creative with what I have. I’ve accepted the fact that I don’t necessarily have all the funding to keep adding new stuff to my wardrobe and I have to work with what I already have. So, I’m putting outfits together the best way I can and praying that they work. So far, I’m doing good.

Cheap Thrills -The Albimazing Blog

This particular shoot wasn’t even supposed to happen. I had no idea what I was going to wear and just put on my usual jeans and shirt for work – yes, my office is super cool. I got to the office and was just about to tell Henry I’m not shooting when he goes “We’re so in sync! We’re both shooting casual looks today.”. Instantly, I cheered up and I was like “YAAAASSSS!!!”. LOL. I borrowed the hat from a colleague to add a little extra to the look and I was good to go.

Cheap Thrills -The Albimazing Blog

So, without spending any money at all, I put a pretty cool look together, had a shoot, edited, and now put up a style post. I love that we’re doing this because creativity shouldn’t have to suffer because there is no monetary support. And also because it’s another avenue for me to practice my photography.

Balling on a budget -The Albimazing Blog

If you want to see the awesome pictures I took of Henry, check out his style post here.

Post Credits

Images – Henry Uduku

Glasses – Haute Signatures

Jeans – Thrifted

T-Shirt – Birthday Present from a friend (Purchased at Mr Price)

Shoes – Thrifted

Hat – Colleague’s

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