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Thanks for your interest in connecting with me. Really and truly, I am very excited that you’ve decided to reach out. However, I’m still sorting out a way to properly organize my mail and it may take some time to get back to you. I really do apologize for that and appreciate your patience. If you need an urgent response, I suggest sending me a message on Twitter or Instagram. I’m almost always on there and you’ll definitely get a super fast response. My DMs are always open.

Guest Posting on TAB

The Albimazing Blog is open to collaborations with Bloggers, and writers. if you have something you would like to work on together, or you have an article you think falls in line with the aesthetics of this blog, definitely send me a message.

Freelance Writing and Blog Features

I’m always open to working on new projects. If you think you have something I would be interested in  working on, by all means send me an email. While blog features attract no cost, I charge a fee for writings projects depending on what you require. Email me for a rate card.



I’m currently not looking to advertise on this site. Thank you for your interest.


You may send me products to review if you believe your product is in line with the overall theme of this site. However, keep in mind that I will always write an honest review and will not recommend anything to my readers that I do not like myself.

In the same light, I am open to writing a review of lifestyle services and interesting places to visit. If you offer any such services that may be of use to my readers, or run an establishment you’d like to get my take on, feel free to email me.


If you would like your product and/or service featured on The Albimazing Blog in a giveaway for my readers, please send me an email and let’s exchange ideas. I love amazing free stuff and I love it more when I can share great things with my readers. While a giveaway is not an ad, it can yield the same results if what you have to offer truly is brilliant.

Wanna talk about something else?

If I didn’t answer your question already and you’d like to email me about something else, don’t fret. You can still go ahead and send that email; even if you just want to holla at a sister.

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