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Dear August, I Wrote You A Letter

My August Letter

Dear August,

I woke up this morning and realized you are actually here. I knew you were coming no doubt, but it actually just hit me. And I lay in bed for a bit trying to decide if I should get up and welcome you with open arms or just stay down and wallow in my unpreparedness. “How on earth did August get here so fast?”, I asked myself over and again.

You see, I knew you were coming, like I said, but I’d failed to plan. I wanted to have so much waiting for you by the tie you got here. I wanted us to be able to laugh and gist about all the amazing things I’d done in anticipation of your arrival. But alas, I have nothing. Nothing but this letter.

Before you get mad, I want you to realize it’s not a total loss. We can still laugh and gist about stuff. And no, I won’t get mad like I usually do. Because I’m over it all. I said goodbye to July yesterday, and it was a little bit emotional, I’ll admit. More than that, it was relieving. And as I lay in bed this morning, thinking about how we’re going to get along for the next 30 days, I opened my eyes.

August, you and I are going to get along just fine. You know why? Because, in spite of all my short comings, we are here. What matters more than that? All the mistakes I’ve made, we can fix them together. I hope you weren’t expecting me to be perfect, because I definitely wasn’t expecting that from you. We may rub each other the wrong way a little  over the next couple of days, but we’ll be glad we did in the end. In you, I will find the strength I need.

I am glad, and excited, and nervous. But, above all, I am also extremely expectant; of positive things. I can already feel the greatness you’re bringing, and I can’t wait to dip my hands into your gift bag. We’re going to have grand adventures and make at least one dream come true. And then when I’m hugging you goodbye, we’ll wonder why I was ever so worried in the first place.

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