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Dyeing Natural Hair: What I Learned

So after reading this article on why dyeing natural hair is a bad idea, I decided to go ahead and dye my hair. ^_^

I mean, I get it. The article raises a lot f valid points and I thought “I probably shouldn’t go ahead with it.” But, you see, the thing is it’s my hair at the end of the day. Yes, I’m still adjusting to this whole natural hair thing, and I am a lazy natural. I definitely do not have money to invest in expensive hair care products. However, I was extremely bored with my hair.

Last year, I abstained from dyeing my hair because someone told me it makes natural hair weak and stuff. I had already dyed my hair twice in the one year I had been natural at that time, so I figured a break would be nice. Before the year was over, I was already itching for some colour.

Aaaaaanyhu… Around rolled easter and……

dyeing natural hair purple

Loved it so much, I made a mini me ^_^

mini me

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Dyeing Natural Hair: Big Deal or Nah?

My response to this question about two years ago would have ben”nah”. I definitely wouldn’t have even had to think hard about it. I’ve been dyeing my hair way before I went natural and it seemed like not a big deal to me. However, when I dyed my hair this time, I had to deep condition right after as advised by @TheCurlyCookie and Deola.  I got a little scared when I saw the colour coming off in the bathtub, but it turned out to be fine. Of course, Deola kept reminding me I have to take better care of my hair now and such.

And I have honestly tried. I comb it every other day and I can confidently say I have only forgotten to moisturize like four or five times since then. Thanks to moisturising and sleeping with a silk scarf, I am happy to report I was able to keep up a brilliant glow and rock my purple hair for all its worth.

dyed natural hair before and after

Apart from the fact that the dye seems to be fading away, everything’s fine. I haven’t experienced any hair breakage since I dyed my hair, and it isn’t dried out. I haven’t washed or conditioned since I did almost a month ago, either. I’m not saying this is a good thing, oh! I’m simply saying dyeing my hair has made me realise I can’t make decisions based on stuff I read. Yeah, some of it may be helpful, but it’s always better to experience something firsthand.

Dyeing My Hair Taught Me:

  • Everybody’s hair is different. And while it’s good to get advice from experienced people when you are a bit confused, it often pays to get to know your hair by yourself. Try not to get caught up in all the hype of hair types and what hair products t use and what-not. All that is VERY SEPARATE from actually taking care of your natural  hair.
  • My hair is very different from everyone else’s. I guess we’re just blessed in my family. A seen in the before and after pictures, my hair is already starting to grow from the roots, and the dyed parts are somehow forcing the colour away. I have no explanation for this.
  • I don’t have to comb my hair everyday. My hair may be super frizzy, but it actually doesn’t really get tangled. This is pretty awesome, as I hate to comb my hair.
  • Mixing two colours of dye may not come out the way you expect it to. My hair is supposed to be midnight blue and purple, but it’s mostly purple. Apparently, the blue only shows in some specific areas. And my hair looks brown/black indoors.

Now, I have to decide if I’m going t redo my roots, or just let my hair keep growing out. I’m kinda looking forward to the ombre-ish effect I’m expecting it to have. We’ll see how it goes.


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