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It’s been three years since I came here in search of an education, peace and quiet, fine men, and, most importantly, constant electricity. And now, my stay here is almost at an end. But we’re saving the goodbye speech for later.

Let’s talk about exams!

I love exams. Not midterms or those useless tests they give in class, but real, actual, end-of-semester exams. For as long as I can remember, I always get excited when exam period rolls around. Why? Because exams mean the semester is over and I get to go home. And now I’m writing my final exams. Do I need to tell you how excited I’ve been?

For the past couple of days, It’s been like someone pushed my mood lever to ‘happy’ and then broke it off. Nothing has been able to upset me. Not drama brought on by my brother, not the ridiculous heat, not the lack of constant electricity we were promised before we decided to come here, nothing.

And I really hate reading oh. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who can finish a novel in like three days but reads one page of her course book for one week. I find it’s best not to stress myself, which is why I decided to go with my friends to the beach mid-revision week to relax a little. And then I had the incredible opportunity of doing a shoot for the amazing Justine Mendy, founder and creative director of DeWax (more on this in the near future). Also, I found the most chill bar in the entire city on another night off from reading. So much chillness and fun because exams cannot kill me.



Seriously. One time, I pulled an overnighter reading one of our more exhaustingly boring course books and struggling to understand the gibberish inside only to get to school the next day and find out the exam I was reading for wasn’t until the next day. And I hadn’t revised the book for the exam we actually had. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Everyone around was looking at me like I was running mad, and, for a brief moment, it felt like I finally was. But I was just really happy deep down that I didn’t have to read the stupid book. I mean, I knew there was no way I could fail the exam, whether I had revised or not, so yeah.

And mhen, do you know people are gifted in cheating? Just be sitting there in the hall and people will be pulling out chokes from everywhere – inside their weave, from their bras, under their shoes, one guy even brought out from the cuff of his sleeves. I almost prostrated for him right there. And some people still don’t understand that when they catch you the best thing is to beg and not be forming like you’re smarter than them.  The drama in the halls gets so much sometimes, I even forget I came to write exam and just watch and laugh.

Have a break until Saturday, and I missed this space, so that’s like the whole point of this post or whatever. Now, I have one paper left and I get to go home. Try to contain my happiness. I dare you.






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