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My Favorite Skincare Products

the albimazing blog fave skincare products

The rain is coming back!! And I now some people hate it, but I love when the clouds open up and everyday is not like the lake of fire is doing prisoner exchange. Why? Because the cold weather agrees more with me and my skincare products.

When the rainy season ends, my face often looks like one of the most treacherous roads on the Abuja – Lagos route. No matter what skincare regime I adopt during this time, my face is unsaveable. Over the years, I’ve learned to just ride out the heat and giggle nervously when people ask what’s wrong with my face.

This year however, was much different. People of the house, when I say “my face has been glowing from mid-January to today” you best believe it – and I have two skin care product to thank!

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

the albimazing blog fave skin care products face scrub

I bought this from the almost-completely-useless Shoprite at Jakande in January for about N2000. Bought I guess the current FX struggle is why it now costs approximately N3600 on Jumia. I actually bought this face scrub because it’s pink (d’uh) I couldn’t find the brand I usually use and my face had gone too long without. I’m usually a sticker for brands I’m familiar with, but I opened it and smelled it and fell in love immediately. So, I took it home.

What I Love

  • It’s exfoliating, but not at all rough on the face. You can feel the tiny beads working against your face, but it has such a soft touch. It almost feels like moisturizing. This was a pleasantly new experience for me as I was used to my other product and its sandpaper kind of effect.
  • The smell is amazing – if I haven’t said this already. I love skincare products that have great scents because; if I feel like I want to lick myself other people must feel the same way too, no?
  • The tube is easy squeeze. I think I mentioned my little thing about packaging before.
  • A little goes a long way, so I get value for my money. Just a drop is enough to exfoliate my face and I can use it day and night without worrying about when I’m going to run out.
  • It’s foamy, but doesn’t lather; so I can use it liberally without feeling like I’m about to suffocate.
  • In the time I have used it, I have not had to battle with terrible acne. A few pimples pop up from time to time, but they are minute and very manageable.

My face feels smoother than day-old baby skin and I honestly cannot think of anything I do not like about this face scrub. I was to go on an emergency trip a few weeks ago and I couldn’t imagine getting on the plane without it. Which is a first for me because I generally tend to leave my toiletries behind. Which brings me to my second favorite of all my skincare products…

Palmer’s Moisturizing Body Oil

the albimazing blog fave skincare products-body oil

Remember how I said my mum often obsesses about my skin and how I take care of it? She bought me this earlier in the year because she said my skin was “looking rough”. I’m not sure how much it cost then, but you can get it on Jumia for N3000. I’m very wary of oily skincare products because I hate that oily feeling most of them tend to leave – very uncomfortable. This isn’t like that at all!

What I Love

  • The smell. It’s like chocolate mixed with something I can’t quite describe yet.
  • You have the option of using it either in your bath water or after a shower. Guess which I chose 🙂
  • It’s very light. Ii can confidently use it in my water without worrying about it feeling somehow on my skin. You know like when you bathe with soft water and you never really feel like you’ve gotten all the soap off? Yeah, this isn’t like that.
  • It allows my soap to lather – which is very important to me.
  • Using it in my water allows me to still moisturize after I bathe; so I have extra moisture locked in ^_^

Since I started using this oil, I have noticed that my skin is considerably smoother – and softer. At first I though it was in my head but I have asked people to verify and they have confirmed. I actually mise this one so I use like one cap for each bath (twice daily mostly). Thinking it might become a permanent part of my skincare routine.

What are your favorite skincare products and what do you love about them? I’d love to read all about them. Maybe if yours is more tempting, I might port 😀

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