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February: Reflective Highlights

reflective highlights of February

February was an off month. I spent so much time thinking about doing things, I never really got around to doing anything. It’s funny and not funny at the same time, but yeah. Life.

Instead of focusing on everything that got me down the past month, I will be highlighting my favorite moments. Someone is teaching me to focus on the positives and it’s a lesson I’m learning eagerly and wholeheartedly.

Positives from the Amazing Month of February

Around Valentine ’s Day, I decided to start writing notes and letters for people and framing them. Some people bought the idea, and I had a few people patronise me. It felt great to actually have an idea and execute it. So, I’ve decided to continue doing it. If you’d like a note or letter framed for someone special to you, hit me up! I haven’t decided what to call it yet though. I thought about calling them ‘Framed Heart Notes’ but it feels too cheesy. Help a sister out ^_^

framed heart notes - the albimazing blog

You can order one just like this!


I also undertook a mini project with the great people over at photocentric for Instagram. People seemed to really dig it; so much so that it got published in RADR’s special valentine issue of their online magazine. Yayness! You should check it out – even though I’ll probably mention it again in this week’s Albimazing Top 5. I think this one is my favorite.

I got my first Retrocode shirt! And even though I ended up not doing a proper style post on it, I had fun taking the pictures for the intended post. Maybe one day I’ll overcome this ridiculous shyness and truly bloom in my aspirations of being a boudoir model – after I convince myself to hit the gym and get this body right. This one might be my favorite of all the pictures.

chilling in my retrocode

I got on a speed boat! It was scary as fuck, but I did it! Lol. Next up, skydiving! (I wish). But we went to a pretty awesome beach resort place at Illashe and I was uber psyched. Sometimes all you need is a fun day out with the girls away from the city noise and network coverage. Silly as I am, I left my camera behind and had to rely on my phone. Not a lot of pictures to post, but here’s proof that I ain’t lying.

on a boat - the albimazing blog

And my absolute favourite, I got a blog planner from Cassie Daves. I spent a good five minutes trying to figure out how to write about it without seeming like I’m over-gushing but it melted my heart. Ii was having a particularly rough day and it showed up. What made it extra special is that it was a gift. I’ve wanted one since she announced it and couldn’t manage to afford it because of some stuff. Imagine my joy when she offered to gift me one. I love it, and I love her!

cassie daves blog planner - the albimazing blog

February… I may have spent a ridiculous amount of money on hospital bills, and I may be slightly dissatisfied with my current living situation. I may even be question my retainment at my present job. But I am alive and can count more than one blessing from the month of February. That in itself is a glorious manifestation of God’s continuous love. I am grateful and looking forward to an even better March.

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