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Fifty the Movie: My 5 Favorite Scenes

fifty the movie highlights

Fifty the Movie

I Hour 41 mins (approx.)

Directed By: Biyi Bandele

Rating: 4/5


Over the holiday, my family and I went to see Fifty the Movie. After all the hype on social media, I was expecting this movie to blow my mind, and it very nearly did. I love how the Nigerian film and tv industry is dedicated to stepping up their game. Asides from having an amazing story, the direction and production of this film is A1.

Best Scenes from Fifty the Movie:

  1. Sugar mummy finding baby boy in bed with baby girl

This is my absolute favorite scene from the entire movie primarily because it wasn’t my first guess. I mean, yeah we knew baby boy had to be balancing his diet elsewhere but I didn’t think it would be included as a major scene. I saw the turning point in the relationship coming when they went out of their way to show us aunty Elizabeth leaving the young man home by himself, but I had assumed she would come home to find her property missing or something – based on previously established drug habit. Her coming home to find bros in bed with a “pretty young thing” was just as pleasant as my prediction.

  1. Big Reveal to ‘I know who your husband is sleeping with’

After making us think we were just as crazy as Tola for thinking her husband was cheating on her, these people actually hit us with double bullet. Well one big bullet, because we already knew about the pregnancy, but you get the point. And then Elizabeth walks in and sees them together and then tells Kate and then she in turn calls up wifey. I really just loved the montage of the gist traveling – probably the amebo in me I’ve been trying to repress.

  1. The “Oga goodnight” scene

This scene has to be on this list simply because the gateman was the best man in the film. I laughed so hard when he was like “Thank you. Goodnight” after refusing to open the gate.

  1. And then “Call your pastor!”

This scene was so funny because it is an explicit display of typical human nature. After spending the whole film doubting if his wife was really going to church, Chike’s first reaction is to shout “Call your pastor!” when Kate finally tells him what’s been going on with her. Sidebar: I have to add here that this marriage gave me the most joy.

  1. Of course, Tola’s fight with her mum

This scene makes the cut mostly because I can empathize with it. Most of the time, the inability of Nigerian women to develop a proper bond with their mothers makes us all a little dysfunctional. What do you do when someone you’re supposed to be able to rely on leaves you out to dry in this Nigerian sun? And then at the end of the fight where she goes “That’s one problem solved” and they both burst out laughing. I’m like “Wyd????”

And then:

Writing this, I remembered some other scenes I absolutely loved. But to include them would be tantamount to writing the entire movie blow-by-blow here – and some people still haven’t seen it. But my God, the writer(s) and Director deserve several rounds!

I’ve heard people say this movie isn’t that great, and I have to disagree. Fifty is an amazing movie. When it comes out on DVD, I will buy it and watch it over and again. It is that good. Yes, maybe they shouldn’t have kept using the Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge as a transition, but the story makes it forgivable. I can’t recall the last time a Nigerian movie moved me so much, so big ups to everyone involved in the making of this film.

Also, in the process of writing this post, I realized the movie is actually titled ‘Fifty’ and not ‘Fifty the Movie’. But who care, tbh?

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