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Here’s April, Baby!

Lol! I actually went all of March without a single Style Post. Truth be told, I was gonna cheat and put this post up yesterday instead of the first day of April; but I decided you guys deserve better. Please bear with me as I adjust into this new style blogging thing.

April Baby - The Albimazing Blog

My style buy for the month of March was this pair of Haute Signature shades. I actually got two pairs, but left the other one behind on shoot day – as I tend to do. You can see what I look like in the other pair here or here. I was pulled to this brand because they have some really affordable accessories – and you know I like me some affordable stuff ^_^

April Baby - Tthe Albimazing Blog

So far, I’m loving adding new items from Nigerian brands and sellers to my closet. What I particularly love about these shades, is that they are very affordable and good quality. Not great, but good. I mean, you get a little bit more than what you pay for. I wear them almost every day, because the sun is a killer, and there are no signs of wear yet. I even got in the pool with this particular pair and they are still very alright. I’m a huge fan of oversized glasses, because my head is ginormous – so these are a perfect look for me.

April Baby - The Albimazing Blog

Let’s Talk About April

This month, I hope to achieve a lot more than I did in March. I’m going with the theme ‘Positive Vibes Only. I know it’s cliche, but I’m going to be making a lot of decisions and some pretty bold moves. So, I gotta stay positive. I’ve always been a little bit shy to put myself and my work out there, but I’ve realized it’s not really doing me any favors – especially not in this economy.

April Baby - The Albimazing Blog

In April, expect more musings from me and a dedicated section of the blog to albinos and albino awareness. I’m going to be doing as much as I can to bring some enlightenment to albinism in Nigeria because people are too damn ignorant. Besides that, Ii will be taking a lot more freelance jobs. f you didn’t already know, I make personalized framed letters that you can buy. In addition to this, I will be opening up a store on the blog where you can buy already created designs as gift items. It’s a work in progress, and I’ll let you know as soon as the kinks are worked out.

April Baby - The Albimazing Blog

I’m looking forward to rocking more Nigerian brands and can’t wait to see what I’m going to buy this month. Might even do a giveaway soon – to usher in the new quarter and sturvs. You can find out how to order a personalized note here or follow these simple instructions:

HeartsAndFramesNG Order Process

Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say. I hope this month brings you all the happiness you seek. Don’t forget to take some time to appreciate the little things and the people who keep you going.

April Bbaby - The Albimazing Blog

Post Credits

Images – Henri Uduku

Glasses – Haute Signatures

Dungarees – Thrifted

Top – Forever 21

Shoes – New Look Textured Plimolls (purchased here)


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