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How I Spent My Weekend

My mummy was in town this weekend!!!! *does the Cece shuffle*

Seeing as I haven’t seen my mother since Easter, I was WAY psyched that she came into town for a wedding. Sadly, I didn’t spend as much time as I would have waited with her, but we had fun.

Speaking of weddings, I have finally accepted that maybe I have put on a little too much weight. My mum brought a dress all the way from the Buj for e to wear to the wedding and it didn’t fit. I was like “No problem. I got this”, but my plan B dress didn’t fit either. I had to wear my fiber rose skirt that seems to constantly be saving my life when I have to dress up to go somewhere.

I’m registering at a gym as soon as I get paid. I stumbled upon one that looks like it’ll make sense in Ikoyi when I attended Taos Cosmetics’ relaunch party. The entire event was so great and super fun. I met the owner of Taos cosmetics Vanessa and she might be one of the coolest people I have met in Lagos. I also made some new blogger friends and had the opportunity to discuss business blogging stuff. Some big collaborations are coming, and I’m psyched!

Taos Cosmetics LLiquid Velvetines - weekend highlight

I’ve fallen in love with these lippies and must have them all. Two down already ^_^

Taios Cosmetics - The Albimazing Blog

Stand displaying prototype highlight palette, contour kit, highlight kit, and some liquid lippies (L – R)

After the Taos Cosmetics relaunch, we went over to ReLe for the ‘What’s Cooking?’ exhibition. Unfortunately, we were very late and missed out on the wine and food. We still got in to see the art though and it was wort it. Food art and photography are two of my favorite things and the exhibition was beautiful. I also got to try on the Oculus virtual reality thing – very cool.

trying on the Oculus virtual reality headgear - very wavy

trying on the Oculus virtual reality headgear – very wavy

What's Cooking at ReLe art gallery

Was going to stop by the African Market Place, but the rain messed that up. I saw and heard it was realy fun though – next tie, hopefully. I sha hung out with some new acquaintances. We talked about everything from marketing and working in the creative industry to the present state of the country. I can neer get tired of having intellectually stimulating conversations. Overall, it was an okay weekend. Went by a little too quickly if you ask me, but then doesn’t it always?

How did you spend your weekend? Did the rain mess up any of your plans, or did you love all of it? As the rainfall s becoming more consistent, I’ve realised it’s time for me to invest in an umbrella and some rainboots. Yes, I’m excited ^_^



  • immortalteddybear
    Posted at 10:09h, 17 May

    Rain beat me.

    The end.

    Oh and had stir fry at African Market bob-a-thingy

    • The Coco
      Posted at 14:36h, 22 May

      Awwww. Stir fry 😍😍😍

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