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It’s Been A Year In The Big City

a year in the big city

A whole entire year has gone by since our hero wrote about moving to the big city. And now, she sits at a smaller white desk in a slightly bigger office space, contemplating just how much she has been through in roughly 365 days.

Lagos is truly the city of dreams. More than that, it’s a city where you learn it’s not enough to just dream. There is so much happening, and yet, a million more things are bubbling beneath the surface, just waiting for a shot in the light. People get up every day and go out into the streets of this big city to push as hard as they can just so they can afford to get up the next day and push some more.

In one year, I have laughed and lived and cried and given up so many times, my head is still spinning from all of it. But you know, God works in mysterious ways. I only realised as I decided it was time to do this post that I marked my one year anniversary here with a new job. I felt like I hadn’t achieved anything in the past year, but here I am in a comfortable office, still doing what I love and actually making some progress in my life. Sometimes, we’re unintentionally ungrateful.

So, I’m putting my mini rant away and using this post to share the things I’m most thankful for since moving to the big city.

I’m thankful for:

  • The incredible support system I have. All of them are mad (yes, I said you guys are mad), but they love me so much, it’s ridiculous. Every time I was ready to go back home, they very bluntly made me see how stupid I was being for giving up so easily.
  • All the opportunities I have had, including te ones I didn’t realise were opportunities. Looking back at everything now, a whole bunch of things that just really upset me all led up to this point.
  • My family, which is the reason I keep pushing myself to do more. A majority of the decisions I have made this year have been largely influenced by my family. They haven’t always been great, but every time I fall I think about them and get back up.
  • The amazing new friends I have made, and the acquaintances I have. Lagos is full of amazing people, every where you turn, I tell you. Every time I go out, I meet at least one person who inspires me in a different kind of way. It does something to you, seeing someone burning with so much passion for something.
  • Every experience I have had in dating, friendship, and friendship exercises. It didn’t all end well, but it’s cool that it even happened at all. And, of course, all the parties and events and hangouts, I’ve been to have been swell.

And so, as I prepare to spend another hour traveling down memory lane, I’m toasting to another amazing year ahead, and the dreams I’m yet to make a reality. Thanks for still being here, and for cheering for me. Love you loads.


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