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january spaghetti recipe the albimazing blog

January Spaghetti Recipe

january spaghetti

No, I will not be putting up monthly spaghetti recipes.

I’m calling this ‘January Spaghetti’ simply because of the conditions under which it was made.

I’m sure you understand.

So, every time I move somewhere new, i seem to have one problem – accommodation. Since I moved to Lagos, it hasn’t been a whole lot difference. The latest trial my relocation has thrown my way is food. The story of why food is a current problem is long, but understand that coming across it for the past couple of weeks hasn’t been easy. I’m lucky if I eat once a day.

Seeing as I am now living as a bachelor would, and we all know how January is, I decided to gather up the ingredients I manged to find at the house and whip up some spaghetti. In the process of making this, I thought to myself and said “Self, there might be other people out there who would appreciate this.”. Because you know we’ve all been at a point where we’ve needed to make concoction rice.

My January Spaghetti Recipe

Let’s start with the ingredients. After rummaging through the fridge and cupboards, I found sufficient ingredients for my meal. In fact, these tomatoes were found by mistake and I was very cautious about using them because I wasn’t very sure how long they had been in the fridge.

january spaghetti recipe ingredients

“But where is the egg?”, you ask? Well, that was an afterthought. I realized this food might taste like nonsense, so I put an egg on the other burner just in case.


The first thing I did was boil some water with about two drops of oil. When it came to a boil, I put my spaghetti in the pot and covered. I let it boil for about 15 minutes (I timed it the same as my egg), and then I strained the spaghetti and set it aside.

January spaghetti recipe strained spaghetti

While the spaghetti and egg were boiling, I actually chopped up the tomatoes. This was when I decided to do a spaghetti recipe post (hehe). So I heated up some oil in the pot, and then tossed in the chopped tomatoes.


At this point, you can cover it up and let the tomatoes fry up a little bit until they become all mushy. But, I’m a bit neurotic about watching food when I’m cooking, so I kept stirring the tomatoes around and mashing them up a little with my spoon. Basically, you should let it fry until it looks more pasty than lumpy.

January Spaghetti Recipe tomato paste

 It just occurred to me that I could have just added my spices at this point and just had spaghetti and a decent sauce – oh, well. It’s time to add your spices!! At this point, I really have to celebrate the real Gs of this meal.

january spaghetti recipe spice squad

Of all these spices, I am most grateful for the toasted onion and garlic. It was the first I used, after salt of course, and I tasted the difference immediately. I could have stopped there, but I had already brought down the other bottles :|. ANYhu; I added the spices in and added some water as well, as i still wanted the spaghetti to boil a little bit more.

january spagheti recipe broth

The only thing to do now is mix in the spaghetti. Since I had left it to cool for a while, I ran it under some cold water first to separate the strands that had stuck together. I mixed the spaghetti in handful by handful – not all at once – until everything was in and all the strands were covered in the broth. And then I covered it and left it to cook for like three minutes (until the water dried up).

And that’s it!

january spaghetti recipi serving

I actually waited a while before eating this so I could be sure it was nice and I wasn’t driven by hunger. It was actually good. Could use a little improvement, but not half bad. I cleaned my plate and took the rest to work for lunch the next day.

So, that is my January spaghetti recipe. No mater how broke you think you are, there must sha be a way to cook something; because man must wack.

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