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So, Christmas is upon us once again! It’s been an awesome year and I can’t wait for you guys to read all about my 2015 on stories.ng when it goes up n the 15th.

I’ve been seeing on twitter how hard this year has been on most of us, and my prayers go out to everyone who could have had a better year. Be rest assured that God has a brilliant plan for you, and He will never throw anything your way that you can’t handle. Keep your chin up and be expectant of your coming breakthrough.

This year has been an amazing roller coaster for a number of us. Wouldn’t it be great to receive a present that made you smile? I don’t remember the last time I got a Christmas present, so I wasn’t expecting any this year either. In the process of beginning to wallow in my gift-less situation, I had an idea – it would be nice to have a secret Santa. Yes, gifts aren’t all Christmas is about, but they make the experience a little bit better. Everyone should get a gift at Christmas! And so, Santa Baby and I have come together to organize a Secret Santa for all our beloved twitter people.

secret santa entry terms

I know it seems like a lot, but it’s pretty straightforward. We want everyone to have something to look forward to this Christmas. Some people have already filled out the form since we started two days ago, and I’m way beyond excited about it – probably too excited. I love it when people respond to good causes. Yes, this is a good cause – you’ll be putting a smile on someone’s face.

So, a few things we might have left out in the Terms and Conditions because we didn’t want to sound repetitive.

  1. We’ll be matching people based on their cities to speed up delivery and such, so the location you enter should be where you will be on the 23rd of December.
  2. If you know in your heart of hearts you will feel bad if someone gives you a gift of N2500, don’t buy a gift of N2500 for someone else.
  3. Let’s remember it’s all about fun. No matter what you get, it’s the thought that counts. Be appreciative.

Some people have said they have no idea what to put on their wishlists, which I find odd. I ave a whole bunch of stuff that I am very aware that I want. How can you not know what you want? There are a bunch of Nigerian merchants you can get awesome stuff from – retrocode, retroreligion, maju handbags, sockbox, Oriki, payporte, etc. Hit me up if you need me to direct you anywhere specifically.

I’m looking forward to matching everyone up and can’t wait to see what everyone gets! Again, the secret Santa forms are open until the 13th of December. Sign up and get your friends to sign up too!


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