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Lessons In Prioritizing – How I Decide What Events to Attend

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Scientists promised us a lot of technological advancements by now, but here we are still unable to be more than one place at the same time. Is life not a pot of beans?

There was a time when I would just follow my friend to whatever event she knew was happening on any given day, but life soon changed that. I realized I would sometimes have to pick between two or three events happening at the same time, and sometimes between an event and a personal thing. I would pick one event and start feeling like I was missing out on something else, or sometimes I would go to an event instead of a friend’s party and be feeling guilty throughout. It was time to start prioritizing.

Belive it or not, journalism’s 5W1H system actually helped me start getting my priorities in order. When faced with a decision to make, I would sit down and work through the system which would then allow me make a logical decision.

The first thing I would do is write down what is happening. What is the event? What is it about? I think this is the most logical first step, because sometimes just knowing what is happening makes the decision for you. If you find the event listing online, read the summary and ask questions if you need to. If you hear about it from someone, try to find out more details that can help you decide.

Next, I would need to know where exactly the event/party is. Basically, Where are you going?. I live on the outskirts of town, and getting around for every day work is difficult enough as is. I can’t just get up and be going wherever I feel like, especially as I rely on public transport. For me, this is the most important question to answer. The distance and stress involved in getting there is a largely contributing factor tomy attendance.

So, I know what’s happening and where it’s happening. When is it happening though? An efficient way of prioritizing is recording events that pique your interest in a calendar, so when you find a new one you already knows what is happening on the same day. You can just look at your calendar and decide which event is more important to you – having already done a bit of research.

prioritizing your way to better events

The next one is actually what really makes or breaks my decision. I ask myself who I am going to the event for. Am I going there for myself or for someone else? Am I going to make myself happy? Or am I going so I can get a certain reaction from someone. How important is the potential reaction I might get from going to me? For me, this is mostly about the person I am and am grooming myself to be. Because I have a very clear visual of this, it tailors most of my decisions. If attending an event or party will not make any positive impact on my goal of becoming the person I am trying to be, then it’s out.

See,ehn. I can do all of this calculating and planning and deciding and then at the end of the day still not go because I don’t know how I’m going to get to the event in the first place. To be honest, walking through all the steps and deciding this is a place I want to go deeply influences how I get there. Last last, if I really truly want to go, I will find a way to get there.

And now, I have to constantly remind myself why I’m going. After prioritizing, it’s not that hard. I have all my details, and I know how I’m getting there. At this stage, I have my expectations of the event, and have some sort of idea of how attending will affect my life. I’m just reminding myself why I’m going in case one thing happens and I start to have second doubts.

Lol. I know some people will say my own is too much. How do you decide what events you attend? I KNOW I can’t be the only one that has some sort of decision-making process. I’d like to know what yours is ^_^






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