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Introduction to My Mini Lipstick Collection

I very rarely wear makeup, so I mostly get my life through lipstick. There’s no shade I won’t try and almost none I wouldn’t completely rock – one of the many blessings that come with being albino 😉

My dream is to have like two massive drawers of lipsticks and these are the tubes on which I am laying my foundation –

D&G Classic Creme Lipstick in Caramel

the albimazing blog dolce and gabbana classic creme lipstick in Caramel swatch

I’ve always been slightly cautious of “nude” lipsticks – especially when they are the darkskin nude shades. But, I use this a couple of times because it actually looks pretty dope on me. It’s really smooth on application and is one of the lippies teaching me that ‘creme’ doesn’t mean it won’t stay on as long as you need it to. Only problem I have with this lipstick is I have to put on like three layers of it to actually get it to show.

L.A. Girl Luxury Creme Lipstick in Demure

la-girl-luxury-creme-lipstick-demure the albimazing blog

Another creme lipstick Can you say “love at first swipe”?. It’s so silky smooth and literally glides on. Sometimes I get carried away putting this on and have to do damage control later. I love that it’s a bit glossy, and matte as well. It stays on all day and doesn’t dry out my lips which is awesome.

Miss Rose 3D Lipstick in Pink

miss-rose-3d-lipstick-in-pink the albimazing blog

If you know me, then you know how much I love pink. This fab lippie is my second favorite of my entire set. The one I have is almost finished sef – lol. It’s smooth to apply and the purest pink lippie I have ever used. The only problem I have with it is it’s very drying. I love matte lipsticks, but this one is extra. But, even with the drying, it doesn’t flake so I guess I cope.

Miss Rose 3D  in Red

miss-rose-3d-lipstick-in-red the albimazing blog

I’m not very fond of this one. I got it when I was searching for the perfect red lippie for me – because there is one for everyone out there. I very rarely use it, and when I do it isn’t all day. Not like there’s anything wrong with it, I just don’t really like it that much. No explanation. Same matte and drying problem as the 3D Lipstick in Pink (above).

Tara Matte Lipstick in Kontagora

tara-matte-lipstick-in-kontagora the albimazing blog

This lipstick is bae! I absolutely love it! It’s pink, but has a slightly blue/purple undertone which is awesome for me because I also happen to love purple lippies. It’s like it has its own in-built glide control because I very rarely make mistakes putting this on. And it’s so light. Sometimes I have it on and forget I do. It’s also doesn’t dry my lips out, so extra “yay”!

You can see me rock these lippies on my instagram page ^_^


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