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SKIN CARE | Madam Ori Shea Butter Black Soap

madam ori shea butter black soap

I got the Madam Ori Shea Butter Black Soap sample sometime last year at an event I attended with a friend. It was one of those fashion things that I’m still trying to get used to attending. Highlight of the event was the goodie bag, imo, because you all know by now how much I love free stuff ^_^

madam ori shea butter black soap

I have used the same soap since 2009, so I’m always very cautious about trying out something new. I blame my mum for being extremely neurotic about my skin when I was a kid. This is why this shea butter black soap sample stayed in my bag for weeks and I only used it when I ran out of soap and was too lazy to go to the store. How does one get too lazy to go to the store? That is a good question.

I’m doing a mini review of the soap because it’s only a sample size, and so it wasn’t really enough for me to develop a real solid feel of using it as I would have had I used it longer. We all know the benefits of Shea butter by now, so I’ll leave all that good stuff out.

love madam ori shea butter black soap

  1. I love the colour! Whenever I thought or heard about black soap, I always imagined Dudu Osun. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that this particular bottle of black soap was a rich golden brown.
  2. The Smell – The color of Dudu Osun might have been a bit of a put off, but i was always crazy about the smell. When I opened up this bottle for the first time, I poured a little in my hand and just stood there smelling it for a while. It brought back some interesting memories from secondary school, and that was nice.
  3. The feel – “Smooth as honey” would be the best way to describe it. From the way it poured like liquid gold out of the bottle unto my palm and sponge, to the way it felt against my skin. It was almost like rubbing silk against my skin, even when I was using a sponge. It’s one of those soaps that make you get carried away while bathing so you end up “scrubbing” one particular spot for a while in slow, circular motions.
  4. I can’t think of the right word right now, but a little quantity of Madam Ori’s black soap definitely went a long way. Being such a small bottle, i expected this trial to be a one-time use. Imagine my surprise when I applied a little to my sponge and it lathered up really nicely ^_^. I ended up using it about four times and enjoyed every bit of it.


madam ori shea butter black soap change

I’d change the bottle; but mostly for selfish reasons. I’m the type of person who will use a bar of soap until it completely dissolves, so I hated leaving the approximately three drops of soap left in the bottle. It wasn’t really easy squeeze, so it was difficult to get the sop out once it went past the quarter mark. Also, I hated having to unscrew the cap every time I wanted to use it. But, these are all personal biases I have about bottling and packaging.

Would I Use Madam Ori’s Black Soap Again?

Like I said, I didn’t use Madam Ori’s black soap long enough to say what kinds of effect it had on my skin. However, I did feel a bit luxurious after each bath, and I’m sure my face and skin felt a bit smoother. I’d definitely love to use a regular sized bottle of this same product to see how it works with my skin long term.


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