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Nigerian Makeup Brands Are Dulling, FYI

nigerian makeup brands don't cater to albinos

As I continuously try and fail and try again with this makeup thing, I ask myself one question every time I have to reapply foundation – “When this one finishes, where will I get another one?”

I have a new-found respect for makeup artists and gurus and people who basically just effortlessly apply a full face of makeup on the regular. This thing is not easy, I can tell you that for free. I’m also loving the Nigerian makeup products I’ve gotten acquainted with over time. But, while I would looove to go on and on about my exploration in beating my own personal face, that’s not really why I’m here.

full face of makeup without a single nigerian makeup brand

I did not us a single Nigerian brand 🙁

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this here before, but I have one bottle of foundation I was gifted like 2 – 3 years ago when I did a shoot for an amazing woman in Ghana. If I haven’t, here’s a review of the L’Oreal True Match Foundation that has become my best friend and my worst adversary during these trying times. While it’s a pretty great foundation in terms of coverage and feel, it’s not an exact match (as you can see above) and I’m worried about how long I’ve had it. I mean, these things have a time frame for best use, yeah? Which is why I’m already preparing myself to get a new one.

Hear-in lies the problem…

I walked into a makeup store at ICM the other day, in hopes of purchasing a replacement for my foundation. After the store clerks acted like typical Nigerian salespeople for a few seconds, one of them reluctantly got up. After searching for a few seconds, she returned to tell me there was no type or brand of foundation in my colour available at that store.

As much as it pained me, I couldn’t blame her for casually hurting me and simply moving on with the rest of her day. She’s just a sales girl; not the owner of the store who decides what goes on the shelves, or the brands that didn’t even bother to make foundation in my shade.

Why Aren’t Nigerian Makeup Brands Making Foundation For Albinos?

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought someone would have realised the light skin community is a quickly growing one. A quick look at accounts like Queens of Albinism and OAM Foundation will show you we albino women are many, and we actually do like to play with makeup from time to time – if the problem is you aren’t sure. People are always like “Oh, you should do this and that to your face to look such and such way”, and in my head, I’m always like “you buy me makeup, though?”.

It’s gruelling looking for things like foundation and powder that matches our skin tone. I mean, sure I could just fill in my eyebrows and rub lipstick and be happy. I mean, brands seem to be bringing their A Game in the lipstick department, no? But what about the days I want to be extra?

Eyebrows and lipstick, FTW!

Eyebrows and lipstick, FTW!

Free Good Advice

Learn from Bob Risky. He realised people want to gradually become translucent and built a business out of it. What brand of makeup do you think he and his bleached legion are using? Not yours definitely, because you, a bona-fide and established makeup brand in Nigeria, don’t have their shade. He’s spending all his money on makeup by foreign brands, and so is his lighter skin army.

I would actually love to see more Nigerian makeup brands creating stuff albinos can use as well. If this is something you’d like to work on together, shoot me an email and let’s talk about it.

 Abi, what do you guys think? Am I right or am I right? Let’s talk about it.




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