Oh, Joy: Introductory Ramblings

We are finally passed the terrible threes, and my goodness what a relief! Yes, we are bald yet again. But praise Jehovah, the hair actually seems like it’s willing to grow healthily this time around. We’ve started school and it’s been crazy – feel free to interpret however.MNA_1062

Initially, we thought it would be difficult adjusting, but I have no idea why because madam is too friendly. And yes, there is such a thing. Nursery 2 has been a blast, and having the first class birthday didn’t hurt our popularity either – thanks to everyone who sent love and prayers our way.

So now, we’re four and navigating through things like learning, making friends, fighting and bullying, sharing, conforming to authority and character building because we can no longer accept “She’s just a baby” as an excuse for certain behaviour. Everyone’s home right now, so there’s lot of help with all the molding going on and even though ideas of what the right way to handle a situation is may clash sometimes, everyone’s heart is in the right place.

We haven’t spent this much time together at a stretch since birth, so I’m really just trying to get a handle on this mothering thing. If I were to say it’s easy, I would be lying – so many questions, so many conflicting emotions – and I’m not sure I know any blogs that give appropriate advice for single Nigerian mothers (if you know any, please share). Right now, we’re depending on prayer, and instinct to guide us through the rough patches and hopefully, we get more hits than misses.

Some stuff I don’t know how to deal with and I have no idea who to talk to about it (don’t ask) so, I’ll probably come here and talk about those things and hope one or two people have helpful suggestions to offer. I think it’ll be an enlightening experience, not just for me but someone else who might be in the exact same situation somewhere in the world. Up until now, I’ve always been somehow reluctant because I tend to overshare, but I think we’ve got that under control now. Plus, two cyberheads are better than one, ey?



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