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  • Yay, Stories!


    So, there we were. Seated around one of the cafeteria tables discussing our worst and best relationship experiences, as we…

  • Yay, Stories!

    Cindy’s Diary II

    Hello! Today’s instalment was written by my awesome friend Onyinye. Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did. Also,…

  • Yay, Stories!

    No Strings

    I shouldn’t feel this good. This shouldn’t feel this good. Especially not with him. But it did. My back against…

  • Yay, Stories!

    Cindy’s Diary

    So, this is the very first in the princess diaries series. I’m really just dabbling, so I hope you enjoy…

  • Rants & Bants

    Baby Boom

    I wasn’t gonna post anything today, but I went to go get my hair did (this sounds really cool when…