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Your girl is back like she only left a few minutes ago, even though it’s actually been months! We about to have a party!

Lol. Just kidding no party here. But we are playing with some print! I haven’t done a style post in a while, and I’m not really sure it’s still my thing so we’re easing into it. This outfit kind of motivated me to get back into it because it’s simple and chic (I guess). Also, I wore it to Day 2 of the GTBank Fashion Weekend and was like “this will make an OK outfit post”.

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Needless to say, the star of this outfit is the asymmetrical print skirt by Henri Uduku. I don’t wear skirts a lot, but when I do they have to pop. Lol. Honestly don’t know what people thought was going on, but I loved all the reactions when they realized the skirt was actually sewn this way intentionally.  I was a bit cautious about pairing it with this striped bodycon (also styled here), and was uber glad it actually worked – even though I had to keep folding the dress up at the bottom so it wouldn’t be peeping out from beneath the skirt.

I’m looking to experiment more with print, and I’ve eyed a lot of the fabric the ankara dentist has been uploading. That’ll probably be my thing next year – just buy like 200 yards of print material and sew a lot of stuff.  Of course, this means pinterest is about to eat all my data *tears*.

Do you like this outfit? Should I continue to do these style posts? Let me know! Also, how do you feel about print? Do you have a system for matching print pieces?  Remember, sharing is caring.



Pictures: Deola Adebiyi

Skirt – Henri Uduku

Top – Thrifted

Wedges – Aldo (similar here)


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