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sweet spot bakery

Sweet Spot Bakery – Sweets That Hit The Spot

sweet spot bakery rating

For weeks now, I’ve been seeing The Sweet Spot Bakery everywhere I turn. It was almost like they were haunting me. And the pictures…Oh my God, the pictures…. I lick my phone screen on a normal day when the dirt is being stubborn, so I didn’t feel weird at all doing it for a perfectly justifiable reason. I simply had to have them.

sweet spot cookies

I ordered a box of 6 cupcakes from sweet spot. I’m glad she didn’t ask me what flavors I want and just used her discretion. I’m not sure I would have been able to decide. Also, I think she covered a variety of her products whereas my choices would have been more biased towards chocolaty flavors.

sweet spot squad

Squad Goals

Downside of not choosing the flavors myself – I couldn’t eat all the cupcakes myself because of allergies, so I had some people try them and weigh in as well. Opinions that aren’t mine will be in pink.

Chocolate with Salted Caramel filling

the sweet spot chocolate

Gosh, how do I write about this delicious cupcake without being biased? I’ll start by saying the strawberry on top upset me- having only discovered what an actual real strawberry tastes like earlier this year, I’m still getting over it. That said, the chocolate cake in itself was great. I loved that it was not an overpowering chocolate-y cake like with some baker(ie)s. In addition to being melt-in-your-mouth soft, the salted caramel filling was a pleasant surprise for me. It’s fun because I assume you can’t tell which part of the cupcake it is exactly until you bite into it and it just oozes out ^_^


the sweet spot bakery vanilla

What’s a box of cupcakes without the plain Jane? While this cupcake wasn’t bad, i felt slightly let down by it. I’m attributing this to the fact that it’s the last of the set I had and was hoping to get another pleasant surprise. No surprise here. it was a pretty good vanilla cupcake though. The icing helped.

Salted Caramel

sweet spot bakery salted caramel

I almost died and went to heaven with this one. I expected it to either be too sharp or too sweet, but it was neither. It was soft and smooth on the inside, and the perfect balance of sweet and tart. Someone called it vanilla on steroids and said she couldn’t really taste the caramel in it. However, I’m very sure I did.

The Oreo

sweet spot bakery oreo cupcake

Now, THIS was a disappointment. I expected a lot more from sweet spot’s Oreo cupcake. Asides from the awesome frosting, the cupcake was as plain as plain can be. It’s like a person that’s god to look at, but has a shoddy personality. The inside was a bit chunky, but not for the reasons I’d expected. I’d half hoped there would be bits of Oreo in the cake, but there were none – just some spots in the cake that looked spotted. In addition to that, it tasted very very plain.

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting

sweet spot bakery red velvet cupcake

Personally, I’m not a fan of red velvet but this was pretty decent. Yet another incredibly soft, beautifully decadent piece from the box. Definitely one of the more flavorful cupcakes from sweet spot. My friend who I consider to be a red velvet expert gave it her seal of approval as well.

Coconut with Berry Filling + Cream Cheese Frosting

sweet spot coconut cupcake

Can you say overload? I wish I had sampled this one myself, but I honestly wasn’t ready. It was really nice, but there wasn’t even really much of a coconut feel to it. Also was a bit dense (which I suspected it would be), and sort of tasted like the coconut cake from Cookie Jar.


The cupcakes were good. They are uber sweet, as the name implies, and I’m still a little bit full from them. I’m looking forward to trying out other stuff from her very soon. I think it’s especially amazing that she bakes all this great stuff out of her apartment. The box of six cupcakes cost =N=3000 which I think is pretty reasonable. The best part of my entire Sweet Spot Bakery experience is how helpful she is! I suck at making up my mind sometimes and she was super helpful when I reached out to her and was patient with me all through. Love!

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