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This week's style post is an oldie because I've been trying to decide whether to put it up for over a month now. I'm also wearing my TwentySix skirt which I love but don't really wear so much.

Remember when I told you Henry and I had decided to start taking pictures of each other every week for our individual blogs? I'm not sure if I told you the first time we tried it didn't go as planned.

On the first day, we discovered we can't take pictures in the office compound - which would have been perfect. We also discovered Henry can't really use my camera, as most of the pictures came out blurry.

Either way, I've held on to these pictures since then, and I just decided to finally put them up. I actually really like them, because I don't really ever take any pictures of myself in a skirt or dress. I didn't get to do as many of the poses as I would have like because it was my first time photographing on the street and I was shy.

Because of the "oldie" thing, I edited the pictures differently than I normally would. What do you think? Is this a thing I should do from time to time instead of just showering my pictures with lots of light?

Post Credits

Photography - Henry

Skirt - TwentySix (sold out) | other styles here

Top - Thrifted

Sunglasses - Haute Signatures

Shoes - Bought from a colleague


Let's Get Social


Dear August,

I woke up this morning and realized you are actually here. I knew you were coming no doubt, but it actually just hit me. And I lay in bed for a bit trying to decide if I should get up and welcome you with open arms or just stay down and wallow in my unpreparedness. "How on earth did August get here so fast?", I asked myself over and again.

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[caption id="attachment_825" align="aligncenter" width="538"] WHAT I'M WEARING: Beanie - My Brother's Box | Sunnies - Roadside Vendor | Osiris Tee - Don't Even Remember | Nina Ricci Bag - Gift from an Aunt | Jeans - Makola Market | Sandals - Makola Market | Lippie...