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albimazing top 5 - pretty things
Albimazing Top 5, Rants & Bants,

Albimazing Top 5 – 07.10.16

So, Albimazing top 5 is back, and we’re about pretty things this week. Over the week, I

the albimazing giveaway

The Albimazing Giveaway!

Whoop! It’s THE ALBIMAZING GIVEAWAY –  our very first official giveaway on the blog!
I’m super excited because

Style & Stuff,



Was feeling really homesick today, so I called my mum and spoke to her and the little


Week 4 – In Transit

First attempt at securing a writing job this year was a bit of a bust. A lot


Week 3 – Back To School & Such

 consider this my own version of ROUNDS, which, by the way, was hilarious today.

So, yeah. My 2013

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