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The Cabbie Chronicles #01: Where She Sucks At Bluffing

So, I had a particularly late meeting and ended up standing in front of my school building at rush hour, staring at the steadily rising build-up of cars on the road. In my heart of hearts, I already knew i wouldn’t be going home at the normal rate and was ready to pay a bit more. I was tired and hungry and carrying a heavy bag and I just wanted my bed.

But cabbies have no chill.  All the ones I stopped wanted nothing less than twice the usual price to take me home, which was waaay beyond ridiculous. I wanted to get home, but not that desperately, abegg. I had already started contemplating passing the night at my brother’s place, which happens to be behind school, when the cab that would be my “saving grace” pulled up. Imagine my joy when, after several disappointments, this cabbie actually agreed to carry me to my destination for a slightly lower price.

I promise I’m not stupid. Getting a cab at a cheaper rate? With the news of fuel price increment still fresh on the street? I knew it was unlikely. I just figured he was being compassionate, being an elderly man and all. Besides, I was TIRED. The worst that could have happened was that he was going to attempt to use me for rituals, at least that’s what I thought, so I told my brother and friend who had waited with me this whole time to note down the car’s license plate and all that.

So, there I was in the back seat, chilling, being impressed about how dude had maneuvered traffic and managed to get me almost home in pretty good time, when the cab came to a stop. I was like “Ah, what’s going on?” and uncle turned to me and said “See Mercy Clinic.”. Please you guys, the building this man parked in front of had ‘MISSION CLINIC’ written on it clear as day. I was just baffled.

Even though I could actually see the traffic light that leads to my house from where we were parked, negotiating with this man failed.  This dear uncle said he would take double or nothing. In fact, he  raised the call by saying he would much rather take me back where he picked me than take the price I was offering.

I called his bluff.

And then sat in the back in complete amazement and wonder as this man drove me back the exact same way we came.

As he pulled up in front of my school, I gingerly got out of the car, expecting an argument about payment to ensue. But, no. My man didn’t even glance back as he drove off into the traffic.

What did I learn? I would lose at a game of poker. And awoof really does run bele.


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